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Yoni steaming is an ancient self care practice that has been used for many centuries throughout many different countries to support vaginal wellness. The practice of yoni steaming is a ritual that can be used monthly or bi-monthly. Yoni steaming involves infusing herbs with water that penetrates the vaginal canal and increases circulation, increases oxygen, cleanses the entire reproductive system, and releases stress/toxins.




Healing Yoni Steam Benefits:






🌿Removes odor

🌿 Balances PH

🌿 Cleanses old blood in the vaginal canal after your menses/moon phase

🌿Treats chronic vaginal infections

🌿Tones the reproductive system after birth

🌿Reduces bloating

🌿May help with fibroids, ovarian cyst, and prolapsed uterus




1. You are pregnant or think you might be

2. You are on your menses/moon phase

3. You have an IUD or other contraceptive devices

4. You have a vaginal infection or an open wound



** Always consult your doctor before the use of any natural products

Healing Yoni Steam

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